Handcarved Bespoke Gravestones, Memorials & Headstones

Handcarved Bespoke Gravestones, Memorials & Headstones

Simon Burns-Cox creates beautiful HandCarved Bespoke Gravestones, Memorials & Headstones and offers all types of Stone Letter Carving for Home and Business. Simon is based at The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland.

When commissioning a Gravestone, Memorial or Headstone, Simon will take time to talk with the client about the deceased and what would be a suitable memorial for them.

  • The ideas for the design
  • Suitable hand carved inscription and fonts for the design
  • The choice of materials to be used, and the maintenance of the material chosen
  • The size of the work and its overall finish
  • Churchyard and Cemetery Regulations
  • Installation if required
  • The timescale and the costs including installation
  • Delivery costs

Costs vary according to the type of stone used, the number of letters carved, the overall design and installation and delivery requirements. For a simple Headstone, with a brief description, the cost will start from about £2500 upwards depending on the requirements.


If you would like to discuss your requirements, please contact Simon Burns-Cox at [email protected] or visit his website at www.simonburnscox.co.uk. Simon Burns-Cox is based at The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland but works throughout the UK and overseas. All work can be delivered by courier at additional cost.

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.simonburnscox.co.uk

Telephone: Mobile: 07799474489

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