Memorials & Headstones

February 10, 2022

Memorials & Headstones

Memorials and Headstones

I make bespoke hand-carved Memorials and Headstones in stone and marble. As the work is done by hand, the client can choose what they require, and I offer both traditional and contemporary designs. The whole process is done by hand from the design and drawings through to the letter carving, reliefs, and finish.

Commissioning a Memorial

Initial Meeting

Commissioning a Memorial is a collaborative process and I work closely with my client to design a memorial which will reflect the person’s life. The best way to start is with an initial meeting to discuss what you require. This can be done face to face at my workshop or by email or phone and will include the following:

The ideas for the design

Suitable inscriptions and different types of fonts for the design

The choice of materials to be used and the maintenance of the material chosen

The size of the work and its overall finish

Churchyard and cemetery regulations

Installation if required

The timescale and the costs involved including installation if required

Delivery costs

Design and Estimate

If you would like to proceed, I will give you an initial design based on our discussion and an estimate of the costs involved. Pricing will depend on the type of stone used, the number of letters carved, the overall design and installation and delivery requirements. For a simple headstone with a brief description, the cost will start from about £2000 upwards plus the cost of the stone depending on requirements. There is a fixed price with a deposit of 50% required in advance before the work commences with a written commission agreement and the stone is at an additional cost. If installation is required, this will be done by a third party depending on location and the cost is additional and payable directly to the stone mason. You will be kept fully informed throughout the whole process.

Proposals and Paperwork

I will submit the design, drawings, and paperwork to the relevant authorities such as cemeteries and local authorities for you. Once permission is granted, the work can then begin.

Simon Burns-Cox is a Sculptor and Letter Carver based at The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland. If you would like to discuss a commission, please contact him through the website at


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