Private Tuition in Stone Letter Carving and Relief

Private Tuition in Stone Letter Carving and Relief

I offer Private Tuition in Stone Letter Carving and Relief to individuals or small private groups of up to three people at The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. Tuition is arranged on mutually convenient dates throughout the year. Tuition takes place outside but under cover and there is a cafe on site for breaks and lunch.

The course is designed for people who have little or no experience of stone letter carving. Before the course begins, you will be asked to look at different types of lettering and design. You will also be asked to think about what you would like to produce and carve during the course as this will save time. Realistically, one or two words is sufficent for this course depending on experience.

Day One from 9.30 to 13.00 Students will learn about the tools and how to use them correctly before they begin. There will be a discussion about how to cut straight, curved, diagonally and in depth creating the all important clean V cut channel.

From 13.30 to  16.30 The afternoon will be spent practising what has been learnt during the morning and then the students will begin to cut their first number or letter with personalised tuition and guidance from me.

Day Two from 9.30 to 16.30 There will be a discussion about the importance of drawing the design before carving looking at proportion and spacing. We will look at how to transfer your design from your sketches on paper to the stone and there will be a discussion about style and form. Students will then begin to draw, design and carve their first project.

Course Prices for Individual Tuition and Small Private groups

£135 per day (9.30 to 16.30) per person

£250 for two days (9.30 to 16.30) per person

£280 for five mornings (9.30 to 13.00) per person

Discounts available for longer courses. The price includes the stone and the use of tools and extra stone and tools can be purchased. Payment if due at the time of booking the course. Gift vouchers are available and valid for 12 months.

“I spent two full and wonderful days on an individual stone carving course with Simon. Although I have some experience working with stone, I asked Simon to treat me as a beginner as I was keen to learn the correct use of hammer and chisel for both lettering and relief carving. Simon’s tuition (and his work) is inspirational and he gave me such confidence using the tools. Before lunch on the first day, I was cutting letters into marble! Highly recommended and I am already considering another course next year!” (Martin Wilson 2019)

“Thank you for an outstanding three days of tuition (and stimulating conversation). Truly inspirational! ”
(Martin F Hunter 2019)
“Thank you Simon. Really enjoyed leaning and appreciate your time, skill and expertise”.
(C Milner 2017)

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