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Pet Memorials

If you have just lost your best friend and faithful companion, and would like to commemorate the passing of your pet with a memorial, please contact me. I am a professional Sculptor and Letter Carver based in Edinburgh, Scotland and make a wide range of pet memorials, plaques and sculptures which include the following:
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Choosing the Right Words for a Headstone

Choosing the right words for a Headstone, Memorial or Gravestone is never easy as how do you sum up the life of someone in a few words. It is a good idea to wait for perhaps up to a year to discuss with family and friends what would be an appropriate epitaph for the deceased.
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Gravestones Edinburgh

Walking through The Dean Cemetery near The Modern Art and Dean Galleries in Edinburgh, you will find a wide range of different gravestones, headstones and memorials. Some are very old and can hardly be read due to the weather which has wiped the lettering away from the stone. There are range of designs which are made from a variety of stones. I have always had an interest in gravestones and cemetries because of their history but I am also a Sculptor and Letter Carver.  I make handcarved bespoke gravestones, headstones and memorials in stone and marble and I am based at The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland. I work throughout the UK and overseas and my work can be viewed at my website at and can be contacted at [email protected].
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