Examples from my portfolio

We have broken down the portoflio into four key areas, Interior Sculpture, Exterior Garden Sculpture , Memorials and Headstones and Stone Letter Carving.

Interior Sculpture

I make a range of sculptures for the home and interior spaces.
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Exterior Garden Sculpture

I make exterior garden sculptures in stone and marble and in all dimensions.
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Memorials & headstones

I make bespoke hand-carved Memorials and Headstones in stone and marble. As the work is done by hand, the client can choose what they require, and I offer both traditional and contemporary designs. The whole process is hand crafted from the design and drawings through to the letter carving, reliefs, and finish.
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stone letter carving

I offer all types of stone and letter carving for home and business such as house names, sundials, and pet memorials.
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