Half Day Stone Letter Carving Course

Learn Stone Letter Carving

I have now introduced a Half Day Stone Letter Carving Course from 09.30 to 13.00 as a Taster Session to introduce people to this ancient skill.

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The course is open to all levels and tuition is outside but under cover. Breaks and Lunch are taken at the onsite cafe Milk. The course is open to individuals and groups of two people at flexible times throughout the year in agreement with the workshop.

At the beginning of the session, there will be a discussion about the tools and how to use them correctly. The student will be introduced to the importance of the V cut and different ways to cut stone. For example: straight, curved, and diagonally. There will also be a discussion about style, proportion, spacing and form and the importance of drawing before preparing to carve.

If you enjoy your first session, you are welcome to do more half days so you can develop your skills.

I also offer a one day stone letter carving and relief course and two day stone letter carving course plus a two day marble carving course.


Stone Carving Tools

I supply stone, marble and letter carving tools and equipment from Italy and the UK at competitive prices.
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