About Me

simon burns-cox

I have been a professional Sculptor and Letter Carver since 1997 working mainly in Stone and Marble and I am based at The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland which is an International Centre for Sculptors.

my history

I was born in Sussex in 1962 and was educated at Clifton College Bristol and London University and then trained as a teacher but decided that school life was not for me so went into the business world eventually becoming Director of a medical advertising agency in Gloucestershire, England.

It was at this point my life changed. Aged thirty-three, I was taken seriously ill with a brain haemorrhage which left me unable to speak for two years. During this bleak period, however, I discovered the art of stone carving which I found allowed me to express myself at this time and gave me much enjoyment.

When eventually I recovered after intensive speech therapy, I decided to train formally in stone carving in the UK and then went to Rome, Italy where I spent nearly four years learning the skills and techniques of marble sculpture and carving from Italian craftsmen and artisans. Upon my return to the UK, I worked at The Bath Artists’ Studios in Bath, England, for six years and then moved to Edinburgh, Scotland in 2010 where I am now based at The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.

Exhibitions and Galleries

I sell my work and exhibit regularly in private galleries, public and solo exhibitions throughout the UK and overseas. Some of my work can be found in permanent exhibitions in Bath Abbey, Wells Cathedral, and St. John's Church Edinburgh. I also had a three-year exhibition from 2016-2019 at The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh and The Peoples Palace Museum, The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, and The Riverside Museum, Glasgow, in aid of Poppy Scotland. The sculpture 'FRANCE 1914' was made to commemorate the end of The First World War.

Artist's Statement

Simon Burns-Cox has been working mainly in stone and marble for a long time. He particularly enjoys the discipline of lettering and has an admiration for Eric Gill's stone letter carving, the acknowledged master of that craft.

Simon loves working with marble because of its texture and the potential of its many veins and colours. Although many of his pieces are abstractions, they have their origins in natural forms. Simon wants people to handle them, to look closely, and to be reminded of hidden things in the world around them.