Stone Carving Services

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I make a range of sculptures for the home or interior spaces. I love working in marble because of its texture and the potential of its many veins and colours. Although many of my pieces are abstractions, they have their origins in natural forms. They are domestic in scale and personality, designed not to shock but to please. I want people to handle them, to look closely, and to be reminded of hidden things in the world around them.
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Exterior Garden Sculpture

I make a range of exterior sculptures for gardens and urban spaces. Sculpture is often used as a focal point in a garden, but it can be equally used to lead you to other parts of the hidden garden along paths or areas tucked under trees or walls.
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MEMORIALS & Headstones

Letter Carving Course
I make hand carved memorials and headstones. A headstone is a symbolic way of celebrating a life using words, reliefs, and imagery. I will guide you gently through the whole process taking time to discuss your requirements at every stage.
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I offer all types of stone and letter carving for home and business such as house names, sundials, and pet memorials.
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Stone Carving Tools

I supply stone, marble and letter carving tools and equipment from Italy and the UK at competitive prices.
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