Exterior Garden Sculpture

Interior and Exterior Garden Sculptures

I create bespoke contemporary hand carved interior and exterior sculptures in stone and marble for all types of home, garden, and urban space. Creating sculpture allows me to express myself and explore new possibilities when working in stone or marble.

Exterior Garden Sculpture

Sculpture is often used as a focal point in a garden, but it can be equally used to lead you to other parts of the hidden garden along paths or areas tucked under trees or walls.

An exterior garden sculpture or relief is like a piece of art in a gallery with the surroundings acting as a backdrop to the work. You will need to consider the size, shape, colour, and texture of the work. Stone or marble are particularly good for sculpture in a garden as the materials are durable and blend in well with nature.
Before placing the sculpture in a garden, you also need to think about the light, space, and the surrounding landscape. Water and lighting also interact well with sculpture creating an illusion and a more complex and enchanting environment.

Some of the most popular types of exterior garden or outdoor sculptures reflect nature, abstract forms and human heads or figures.

After an initial discussion with you and an on-site visit if required, we will then discuss the design, the choice of material to be used, the size of the sculpture and overall finish and discuss the timescale and costs involved. You will be kept fully informed throughout the whole process.

If you would like to commission an exterior garden sculpture, there is a fixed cost with a 50% deposit in advance before the work commences. If installation is required, the sculpture will be securely fixed in position by a third party and aftercare and maintenance will be discussed with the client. A certificate of authenticity is also available.