Celebration Carvings

Simon Burns-Cox is a professional Sculptor and Letter Carver based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He creates a wide range of carvings and reliefs for all types of celebration made from stone or marble. These stone carvings start from as little as £120 upwards depending on the design and material. Simon works throughout the UK and overseas and the carving can be delivered at additional cost. If you would like to discuss your requirements further, please contact Simon at [email protected] or visit his website at www.simonburnscox.co.uk and he will be happy to help you create your unique gift.


Marriage Carving by Simon Burns-Cox



Carving in stone and wood has always been used to commemorate love and marriage. The carved Love Spoon from Wales,  Scandinavia and Eastern Europe is designed to show romantic intent with symbols of love:

The Horseshoe for luck

The Cross for faith

Bells for marriage

A Heart  for love and twin hearts for mutual love between sender and recipient.

Double bowls indicating the union of the souls when joined together or the number of children desired.

A Wheel for support and a vow to work hard and guide the loved one through life.

Keys and keyholes and a Lock to represent domestic contentment and security or a key to one’s heart.

Diamonds for prosperity and good fortune and a promise to provide well for a loved one.

A Comma or paisley shape to represent the soul and deep affection.

Balls representing the number of children desired or a sign of a man held captive by his love.

Chain links for loyalty and faithfulness and symbolising a couple bound together by their love and loyalty.



In Australia, The Unity Bowl is another traditional custom used to symbolise love and marriage. The couple are given a stone to hold during the ceremony which is then place in a decorative bowl. The couple then keep the bowl full of stones as a reminder of the support and presence from their family and friends on the special day.




In Scotland,  The Celtic Knot represents eternity, loyalty, faith, friendship or love. The knot is made from one thread in a complete loop which has no start or finish symbolizing how life and eternity are interconnected. The Celtic Knot is often carved in silver, metal, stone and wood and the design can be found throughout Scotland.

Best Care Award by Simon Burns-Cox