Pet Memorials

Today, many people like to commemorate the passing of a beloved pet by honouring them with a memorial. Pet memorials first became fashionable in the Victorian era with pet funerals. However, they were regarded as irreligious so pet cemetries were then established such as the one in Hyde Park in London in 1881. Many of the large Victorian estates had pet cemetries and today, The Queen has graveyards at Balmoral and Sandringham for her beloved corgis.


In Edinburgh, Scotland, where I live and work, there is a famous memorial sculpture to a little dog known as Greyfriars Bobby made by William Brodie. Bobby was a Skye Terrier who guarded the grave of his owner for fourteen years until he too died in 1872.  Bobby belonged to John Grey who worked for the Policeforce. When he died, he was buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard in the Old Town of Edinburgh and the dog sat faithfully guarding his masters grave.

Lady Burdett-Coutts who was charmed by the story decided to have a drinking fountain made with a statue of Bobby on the top. William Brodie was commissioned to make it. Today, the bronze sculpture now stands outside Greyfriars Kirk where many of the tourists rub the feet of the little dog for luck.



If you have just lost your best friend and faithful companion, and would like to commemorate the passing of your pet with a memorial, please contact me. I am a professional Sculptor and Letter Carver based in Edinburgh, Scotland and make a wide range of pet memorials, plaques and sculptures which include the following:

The carvings are made from a variety of different stone and marble in various dimensions, shapes and designs and are robust and durable. I will be happy to discuss how you would like to remember your beloved pet from the intial design to the end result which will include:

The client is kept fully informed throughout the whole process.

Costs vary according to the type of stone used, the number of letters carved, the overall design and installation and delivery requirements. For a simple memorial with a brief description, the cost will start from as little as £200 upwards depending on the requirements.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please contact me at [email protected] or visit my website at

Simon Burns-Cox is based at The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland but works throughout the UK and overseas. All work can be delivered by courier at additional cost.

Simon Burns-Cox is an Associate Member of The Letter Exchange and a Licentiate Member of The Society of Designer Craftsmen, London.