Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit by Simon Burns-Cox

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit

Medium: Green Guatemalan & Black & Gold Portoro Marble

Dimensions: 136 x 65 x 50 cms and weighs approx 45 kg

Date: 2017

This modern sculpture entitled ‘Forbidden Fruit’ by Simon Burns-Cox represents ‘ The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil ‘. The apple is hanging from the tree waiting to be picked by Eve. The message is of one of temptation and of being watched. The sculpture has been made from Green Guatemalan and Black and Gold Portoro Marble.

The process of carving was done both by hand and machine. Simon much prefers using the traditional hand method of carving rather than using modern machinery as he believes it results in a better finish. Highly polishing the marble is also done by hand because of the beautiful finish it creates.

The sculpture was exhibited at The Sculpture Exhibition at Doddington Hall, Lincoln from July to September 2018

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