Greenferry Trust Garden and Memorial


Simon Burns-Cox has recently made a memorial for Mr David Hutcheson which is to be installed at The GreenFerry Trust Garden in South Queensferry near Edinburgh in August 2020.

The purpose of The GreenFerry Trust is to conserve and improve the environment for the benefit of the public. The GreenFerry umbrella includes Hawthorn Bank Walled Garden, Cleanferry and Queensferry planting. Between November 2014 and September 2018, the present GreenFerry Trust was set up to develop Hawthorn Bank Walled Garden which was a derelict site owned by Edinburgh Council. The community elected to have a community garden, and money was raised and a construction company brought in.
In August 2018, there was a ‘soft opening’ once the diggers and dumpers had left. Then there was a ‘Tea in the Garden’ event in September when the community was asked to bring plants from their garden that they no longer wanted. For the rest of that year and throughout 2019, more plants were donated and now the garden looks as if it’s been established for years.
In June 2019, the garden was selected as one of the projects for The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh’s Shoreline Exhibition. As part of this, Simon Burns-Cox was asked to carve various words of The GreenFerry Trust’s choosing into the sandstone walls of the garden: Still: Joy: Life: Anicca: and the Eye of Horus.
In the Summer of 2019, a beautiful Mosaic/Mural was erected in front of the back wall of the garden and in January 2020 fruit trees were planted ( apples, pears, black currents, red currents, gooseberries and morello cherries). Recently raised beds have been planted into the Alcove which have been adopted by individuals, the Tom Thumb nursery and the Women’s Institute.
In March 2020, The GreenFerry Trust’s dear colleague and friend David Hutcheson died. He was a very active and supportive member of the Queensferry community. He established Cleanferry, organising litter pucks regularly throughout the town. He was involved with Christmas in Queensferry, St Margaret’s primary school, Queensferry planting as well as being on the GreenFerry committee practically from the start.
All the organisations that David was involved with wished to acknowledge his valuable contribution to the community with a plaque. Simon Burns-Cox was approached and agreed to carve David’s catch phrase “Love the land, lose the litter” onto a plaque which was set into the wall in the garden. This will be unveiled by his family at the end of August 2020.


I thought it appropriate to drop you this short e mail to thank you most sincerely on behalf of David’s family and fellow volunteers for the exquisite plaque you have created which now proudly  adorns one of the walls at Hawthorn Bank gardens as a lasting tribute to all David did for the community. We were not sure exactly what form the plaque would take in terms of detail  but we knew from previous works you have undertaken down at the gardens it would be first class. We were not disappointed, your skills in the design and creation of the plaque shone through and David’s family were delighted and indeed very moved when the plaque was unveiled.
Thank you once again for all you efforts, you are a very talented gentleman.
Neil McKinlay
Chair, The  Friends of Ferry Glen and Back Braes voluntary group
Convenor, Queensferry and District Community Council, Environmental Committee

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