What is your Epitaph ?

What is your Epitaph ?

What is your Epitaph?

Have you ever had to think about what your epitaph might be and how you would like to be

remembered ?

These are difficult questions and people often reflect upon these questions when they near the end of their lives:  What have I achieved during my life ? Have I lead a meaningful life? And have I been a good person ?

When you die, your family and friends will reflect upon your life and may have to write your epitaph. So what do you want them to say about you ?An Epitaph is a short text commemorating the deceased person’s life describing their attributes or qualities. The Epitaph is often inscribed on a plaque or tombstone written in stone or it can be memorial statement about the deceased. The Epitaph often becomes synonymous with the person.


“I’m ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter.” (Sir Winston Churchill)

“Free at Last. Free at Last. Thank God Almighty, I’m Free at Last” (Martin Luther King)

“I told you I was ill ” (Spike Milligan)

“The Best is yet to Come” (Frank Sinatra)


Simon Burns-Cox is a Sculptor and Letter Carver working mainly in Stone and Marble based at The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Simon Burns-Cox makes all types of Gravestones, Memorials and Headstones. If you would like to discuss your requirements, please visit Simon’s website at www.simonburnscox.co.uk or contact him at [email protected].

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