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Memorials with Reliefs

It is important to take your time when deciding on the design of a hand carved memorial headstone.

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Commissioning a Memorial with Simon Burns-Cox

If you commission a memorial or headstone with me, there are various procedures that need to be done before work can begin. It is important to think about what you would like to create for the deceased so that it reflects their life in the way that you wish to remember them.

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Types of Stone for Memorials

There are a few things that you should think about before choosing the type of stone that you would like for a memorial.

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Headstone Installation Methods

There are two main types of headstone installation methods used by Stone Masons and which are recognised by NAMM ( The Assocation of Memorial Masons) under the Health and Saftey regulation BS8415. These are the Monolith Method or the Dowel or Ground Anchor Fixing Method.

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Pet Memorials

If you have just lost your best friend and faithful companion, and would like to commemorate the passing of your pet with a memorial, please contact me. I am a professional Sculptor and Letter Carver based in Edinburgh, Scotland and make a wide range of pet memorials, plaques and sculptures which include the following:
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Memorial by Simon Burns-Cox

How much does a Memorial cost ?

All the headstones, gravestones, and memorials that I make are unique bespoke and handcarved individual pieces of work. When a client asks me how much it will cost, this will depend on the following factors: On average a small single plaque or headstone will start from about £1500 upwards depending on requirements. Installation and cemetery costs are at an additional cost. Consultations and designs can be done online.
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Gravestone Inscriptions

When you commission a gravestone, there are some important things you need to decide before the work commences. One of the most important decisions you will need to make is to think about the inscripton. This will need to be done before deciding on the design.
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Choosing the Right Words for a Headstone

Choosing the right words for a Headstone, Memorial or Gravestone is never easy as how do you sum up the life of someone in a few words. It is a good idea to wait for perhaps up to a year to discuss with family and friends what would be an appropriate epitaph for the deceased.
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Fraser Drummond Memorial by Simon Burns-Cox

Choosing A Headstone

When it comes to choosing a Headstone, there are a few things you will need to consider at this difficult time. Do not try to rush into making a decision immediately. It is better to wait for at least six months to a year or more before you decide on how to commemorate the loved one.
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What is your Epitaph ?

What is you Epitaph ? Have you ever had to think about what your epitaph might be and how you would like to be remembered ? 
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