Christmas Gift Vouchers for Stone Carving Courses 2020

Christmas Gift Vouchers for Stone Carving Courses 2020


Finding it difficult to think of an original gift for your loved this Christmas ? Why not give a unique gift voucher for a Sculpture, Stone Carving, Letter Carving or Relief Course with Simon Burns-Cox at The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop ? Learn a new skill and an ancient craft in the new year. You can either join a group course which is held regularly throughout the year or a personalised individual course at a flexible time. Christmas Gift Vouchers are available now and valid for 12 months. For further information, please visit at


This course will take place on Saturday 18th and 25th January 2020 from 9.30 to 17.00. Course price is £165 with the use of stone and tools included. Maximum five participants and open to all levels.

The Two Day Introductory Stone Letter Carving and Relief Course is designed for people who have little or no experience in Stone Carving. There is a maximum of five participants and the courses are suitable for ages 12+ under full supervision. The course is held over two full days on a Saturday to allow people to practice in between the sessions and for the artistic process to begin.

Before the course begins, you will be asked to look at calligraphy, lettering and design styles so you get a feel for Lettering before you begin. You will also be asked to think about what you would like to produce and carve during the course as this will save time.

Day One from 9.30 to 13.00 Students will learn about the tools and how to use them correctly before they begin. There will be a discussion about how  to cut straight, curved, diagonally and in depth creating the all important clean V cut channel.

From 13.30 to  17.00 The afternoon will be spent practising what has been learnt during the morning and then the students will begin to cut their first number or letter with personalised tuition and guidance from Simon. We will also look at proportion and spacing.  Homework: Students will be required to research designs for their first project.

Day Two from 9.30 to 17.00 There will be a discussion about the importance of drawing for preparation before carving. We will look at how to transfer your design from your sketches on paper to the stone and there will be a discussion about style and form. Students will then begin to draw, design and carve their first project.

Please wear suitable clothing and safety glasses will be provided.INDIVIDUAL TUITION WITH SIMON BURNS-COX

Simon Burns-Cox also offers Individual Tuition in Sculpture, Stone Carving, Stone Letter Carving, and Relief at The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. Tuition is arranged at a mutually convenient time throughout the year. You will learn to think three dimensionally and how to manipulate the Stone from the basic idea to the finished work. If you are Letter Carving, you will learn the importance of drawing your design onto the stone before carving thinking about style, proportion, spacing and form before the process of carving begins.

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